Yoga for Seniors

Yoga is equally beneficial for people of every gender, age, and sex. It drastically improves one’s cognitive skills and reduces anxiety, depression, and stress. Yoga is a lifestyle that can help with reducing risk for heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. It helps with a speedy recovery from training and alleviates one’s mood as well. Yoga is a meditation that helps us reconnect with ourselves and make us feel lighter and more appreciative of our relationships.

As we grow older, our muscles tend to become stiffer and our joints lose their appropriate motion. We are prone to chronic health problems including osteoporosis, arthritis and other core heart diseases. Yoga tends to oppose the effect of aging while providing us with flexibility within our joints and muscles. With regular yoga, our minds tend to be more alert and our muscles more relaxed and tension-free. Yoga provides a holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle focusing on our mental, physical and spiritual health. The benefits could be widely observed if you look at seniors that practice yoga daily. They tend to be more satisfied with their lives and stay happier.

So if you are a senior, we would recommend you to practice yoga at least 2 to 3 times a week. Start with basic exercises and gradually move up the ladder towards a few advanced ones. Yoga will help you reduce swelling between your joints while increasing its mobility and strength. Your balance and stability will improve and you’ll be less prone to falling over as well. Cardiovascular health improvement is one of the key benefits of yoga as it saves you from heart diseases.

Low blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion, and blood flow are other benefits from yoga. It also improves your sleep cycles, your mood and well-being. So, if you are a senior citizen aspiring to live a blissful life, certainly yoga is the answer to all your worries. Try scouting your neighborhood for yoga classes or you can even take a soft yoga class online for free. Start performing soft yoga by watching various tutorials and following them. Always remember that yoga poses should never hurt whilst you are performing them, therefore, in case of any pain, leave that pose and try something lighter.

With patience and practice, you’ll improve on your muscle strength and could perform advanced poses without much difficulty. Start with simpler poses and work on improving your flexibility and comfort with yoga. Most importantly, enjoy yourself while you are performing yoga. Good ways to start your yoga class is by using a chair and do simple movements while focusing on your breathing movements. You may also use a strap to make the poses more accessible. If you don’t have a strap in your possession, you may use a belt or rope as well. Also, make sure to wear soft and comfortable yoga leggings!

Focus on your upper body and lower body individually so you may strengthen your balance and be aware of your body. Hatha yoga is also very effective if you work a lot with your hands. Be aware of the different routines and follow a professional yoga instructor for guidance.

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