Yogis: Free Souls

Once the decision to practice yoga is made, you open a majestic gate of wisdom. Yoga has transcended barriers of time, borders, and taboos. More and more people are joining this millenary practice intending to tone their bodies, making their thoughts more flexible and connecting with the divine. Like closed scriptures that are known today, yoga is a philosophy of life that penetrates devotion and compassionate love.

Yogi is the term used to describe people who faithfully practice yoga following the eight foundations of the yoga of the great teacher Patanjali:

1. Yamas: Regulations that teach the individual to be with the world.

2. Niyamas: Regulations that guide the individual how to be with himself.

3. Asanas: Cleaning and purification of the body and mind through physical practice.

4. Pranayama: Life energy through the breath you have; the internal dialogue, induces inner calm, creating the connection between our mind, body, and spirit.

5. La Pratyahara: Control of the senses -self-knowledge-

6. The Dharana: Concentration. Attention to what we are and do.

7. Dhyana: Be present. When there is no more extended effort, it flows naturally through meditation.

8. Samadhi: Unconditional love. The greatest state of consciousness.

Yoga is the engine that drives self-recognition. The study, practice, and faith in what is done and what we are is what transforms people into beings of free souls developing the perception and authenticity of thoughts, words, and actions.

As you progress in the major practices, you obtain benefits. It is an act of consistency and determination that generates the joy of health, mental balance, and spiritual strength. Just as yoga’s fundamentals are presented to guarantee a healthy life free from fluctuations of the mind, yoga types fit each person’s requirements.

“Yoga is the practice of silencing the mind.”


Types Of Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga: System of postures; Asanas
  • Karma Yoga: Path of disinterested service. Release of attachments.
  • Mantra Yoga: It is the method of concentrating the consciousness in our interior using the repetition of sounds.
  • Bhakti Yoga: It is the path of devotion, total dedication to contemplate God in all beings, and all things.
  • Guiana Yoga: It is a study of the Veda scriptures that lead yogis to a state of wisdom.
  • Raja Yoga: Combine the essences in the other types of yoga, unifying the conscious states of the body, mind, and spirit.

By adjusting the different yoga approaches in the routines of life, a state of sound judgment and coexistence with the external and internal world is provided. The energy forces of the universe are focused on manifesting in good causes. It is enough to define the purpose of life that each one of us possesses to release the greatest potential that is concentrated in each particle of our life and transform us into beings of free souls.

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