Yoga Footweak

What you wear to yoga doesn’t matter too much as long as you’re comfortable. Yes, there are recommended fabrics and fits for things, but for the most part, you can wear whatever you want. Outside of the typical attire, like softest leggings and a tank top, most yoga classes are done in your bare feet. Some people might be deterred from yoga just by that fact alone, and some people might just want a little extra support. Unfortunately, regular socks generally don’t have enough traction to help you stay firm in the poses for long enough, and tennis shoes can become bulky and uncomfortable after a while. Thankfully, someone came up with the brilliant idea to invent yoga socks and shoes. That way, if you are uncomfortable exercising in your bare feet or want a little extra support, you have some options. Yoga socks and shoes provide more grip, can help with stability, and protect your feet from sweaty floors after a tough workout. After a little research, here are some options for footwear if you are bored of going utterly barefoot:

  • The Vibram Furoshiki yoga shoe is a bit on the pricey end, but a lot of thought has gone into its construction and creation. This shoe is incredibly lightweight, and the shaping of it gives your feet extra stability along with the amount of traction on the bottom of the shoe. It is stretchy for additional flexibility while doing all your regular yoga poses.
  • The Anhu In Studi-Om, On the Mat Shoe is another great, comfortable shoe for practicing yoga. It has a foam arch and heel support for extra comfort and support for your feet. The cool thing about this shoe is that it has an anti-microbial treatment to protect your feet from bacteria and is machine washable!
  • The Athleta Bella Half Toe socks are another excellent option for footwear and at a slightly cheaper price. They are particularly suitable for a barre workout and have a grippy bottom, so it will be easier to remain stable. They are also toeless, so your toes won’t be constricted and also help provide you with more stability. They are machine washable but should be dried on a line. Overall, these are a great lightweight option if you want to have something on your feet while doing yoga or barre.
  • Another great sock is the Nike Studio Wrap 4. This sock also provides an open-toe option, and the bottom has silicone traction that provides an excellent grip for an indoor surface and also has a built-in pivot point which makes it great for yoga or a dance class. The mesh top layer stretches and crosses over your foot and around your heel for added support.

Before writing this, I didn’t realize how many options there were for yoga footwear. All these will help you if you prefer to keep your feet covered up or if you just want some extra traction and support during your practice. Yoga is about inclusion and being who you are; so, a fear of showing off your feet or not having enough stability should not stop you from practicing.

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