Two of the Easiest Condiments

Snacks take up almost half of what we eat in a day. Therefore, it is wise to have healthy options ready. Don’t get me wrong. One of my all-time favorites that will most probably stay in that leading place forever, is still chocolate. The milky kind. However, I know that similarly, like with coffee, it won’t hold me full for long and the crash of energy that follows will be harder then.

But, hey, why not pair a piece of chocolate with a healthy option that is either these next two condiments. You can smear them on bread or an assortment of veggies: my favorite. While you can easily make your own crepes with only 5 ingredients that are:

A cup of non-dairy milk

A cup of spelt flour

A pinch of salt

An egg

Coconut oil to bake

I use coconut oil because it doesn’t degrade with heat while it also has a neutral taste and beneficial nutrients.

Here are two condiments that change the taste of every meal and make it into one from a 5-star restaurant.

The first one is pesto. I love it for so many reasons. The first being the smell of fresh basil that screams nothing but summer. Simply bring it together with olive oil, pinches of salt and pepper, some nuts—pine nuts work in perfect harmony with basil. But, if you don’t have them, walnuts will do the job. Then, you can always add garlic, lemon juice, and other spices—also parmesan cheese if you’re into it. But I like to keep it simple for starters and add other ingredients in later.

The second is hummus. I was even at the seaside the other day and didn’t have the luxury of a blender. I simply put together two handfuls of chickpeas, a spoonful of tahini, the same amount of olive oil, pinches of salt and pepper, and red paprika. I mashed them all together with a fork and voila, dinner was served next to some fresh veggies. So easy, yet so intricate and filling in taste.

Let your imagination play its part when you’re pairing foods together. You can always bake some sunflower seeds and get additional healthy fats from there or you can pair hummus with avocado and a cucumber. There’s nothing better than fresh produce from the home garden that brings summer vibes to any season of the year. Moreover, bell peppers and tomatoes are the two most common at our table. But, as I said, run your imagination wild, add some sweet mango, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, and let the combination caress your taste.

Who still says healthy is complicated? I find it the easiest things there is. Plus, simple tastes give you so many options of pairings and you can create full meals from those. Eating healthily leaves you light after meals, keeps your metabolism in check, allows your system to absorb more nutrients from it, and, depending on the type of food, works beneficially to your brain and health in general. When you’re performing at your optimal level, you normally feel content and happy. And, if that’s not the version of you that boosts your own confidence and uplifts others around you as well, I don’t know who is.

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